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Brown Lottery

There isn’t anyone that doesn’t want to win the lottery. We all dream of that big lottery win but deep inside most never believe they will actually hit the jackpot.

Most people purchase their tickets in the hope of being able to live an easy life not having to worry where the next pay check is going to come from. This is all about having financial security and being independent.

There are many benefits to be had from winning the lottery some you would never have thought of before. Should you be lucky enough to win then you have to have a plan in place to hold onto your winnings. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything in life. Being clever should you win will set you up for being a happy millionaire unlike those that win and have no real idea as to what to do with the money and before they know it all those winning dollars are gone.

When playing the lottery you should never get carried away with winning and start using money you have put aside for a rainy day. If you’re meant to win then you shall, it’s not possible to force a win. A lot of people make the mistake of buying multiple tickets completely forgetting that they are not actually increasing their odds. One ticket gives you a 1 in 18 million chance of winning buying two tickets doesn’t cut those odds to two in 9 million chances it just means you have a 2 in 18 million chances of winning. Yes you have to be in it to win it but be a smart lottery player.

Whenever you buy a ticket the first thing you should do is to sign that piece of paper. Remember this it doesn’t matter who bought the ticket but the name on that ticket will be deemed the rightful owner. Just imagine buying the winning ticket only to find you’ve lost it somewhere on the ways homes, then you find out the neighbor has a winning ticket they found in the street and have cashed it. You should take every precaution to safeguard a winning ticket, make copies of it signed by you, have it notarized anything you can do to prove it’s yours and nobody else can make a claim against it.

A big win will bring with it big headaches so be prepared. You are going to hit the headlines in some most unexpected ways. Did you know that the police make checks on lottery winners, so if you have any skeletons in the closet be prepared for them to wake up, the IRS will also be having a look at your new financial position. And all of this doesn’t include the media both local and national, if you make yourself stand out you will become bombarded by people wanting this much or that much from you. It’s always a good idea to be as invisible as you can.

If you have joined a lottery syndicate at work or wherever be sure it’s all legally documented, people fall out over a few hundred dollars imagine the fallout over several million dollars.

When you do win make sure you take the lump sum winnings, you will be offered the option to take your money over a set amount of years but this does not pay in the long run. You should take your money and put it in the bank where you will find it will grow at a faster rate than what the lottery organizations can offer.

Winning the lottery is guaranteed to change your life, but you should be extra careful in how you spread your new found wealth around. That doesn’t mean becoming a miser it just means being cautious a lot of new found friends will start appearing if word gets out you just had a major win. Be lucky and enjoy it.